Desire, or searching for more authenticity in writing about books and arts

Dear KX readers and authors-to-come,

КХ-platform is an innovative format which is conceived to offer a space – to our own team, to the friends and the fans of our publishing house, but mostly to you, our readers and also readers of books in general, to the people who care – and even passionately care – about the content and about the design of the books, as well as about those mentalities which are in play when books are being produced, sold, bought, advertised, commented…

We offer a space where you could step forward and to virtually speak. To “speak” either in words, or in visuals – because we believe everything is a “language”.

Your original texts and visuals are very welcome: texts in humanities (incl. book critique and art critique) and social sciences, essays, poetry, prose, pictures, photos, videos… – here you are at another platform to present them, with no conformist barriers at all.

In case you would like to announce an event about the book culture – you are also very welcome.

Feel free to get in contact with us at the office e-mail. We will answer with all the necessary details.

We are waiting for your ideas while believing that the best is yet to come!

Присъединете се към нашия бюлетин!

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