KX TALKS – Episode 1: What is an Act of Creation? (based on Giorgio Agamben)

In this 1st episode the host Nkolay Kolev talks to Valentin Kalinov – philosopher, psychologist, university teacher, author of a novel and many texts in philosophy and sociology, who has translated a couple of books by Girorgio Agamben into Bulgarian language – all of them published by us.

„What is an Act of Creation?“ is the title of a legendary essays by G. Agamben. We have included the essay in our recently published into Bulgarian language collection of Agamben’s texts What is…?

This talk goes equally to the realms of philosophy and literature while sometimes following unexpected turns.

You could see the video version of this episode on youtube or listen to it on Spotify, Apple Podcast or Google Podcasts.

* * *

In 2023 the podcast series is being kindly supported by the National Fund Culture under the hospices of their programme “One Year Grant – 2022”.

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