KX TALKS – Episode 8: Is Life Fragmentary? (On Georg Simmel)

This is the eighth episode of the video & audio podcast KX TALKS.

Topic: Is Life Fragmentary? (On Georg Simmel).

The main referent point is the book by Simmel The Fragmentary Character of Life (Sociological Essays).

The host Nikolay Kolev, philosopher and cultural journalist, talks to Teodora Karamelska – a renown Bulgarian sociologist, teaching at the New Bulgarian University, and a deputy chief-editor of the Sociological Problems journal.

Assos. professor Karamelska is the editor, the translator, and the author of a postface of the above-mentioned volume by Georg Simmel in Bulgarian.

You could follow the video version of the episode on  Youtube, or to listen to its audio-version on the platforms Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts.

* * *

We thank The National Culture Fund of Bulgaria for supporting our KX TALKS project in 2023 under their programme “One Year Grant 2022”.

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