Theatre of Thought, or How an Experiment Started as Individual and Ended-up as a Group Experiment

In 2011-2012, after the publication by Snejanka Mihaylova of her art-book Theatre of Thoughts (2011, ISBN 9789545871559, in English), and during almost an year, we worked collectively (in open and in closed types of workshops) on the subject of a “theatre of thought”, and how such an idea could help in our strive for transforming the book publics from being “a public for a ready-made product” into a public being a partner in a process of constructing of meaning.

The small experimenting group consisted in: Petar Goranov, philosopher and university teacher, Snejanka Mihaylova, performer and author of art books, Yana Levieva, designer, and Antoaneta Koleva, publisher, translator and author of reflexive texts.

This experiment was part of our efforts to start microrevolutionizing the manner in which our books could reach their publics. We ended it up in a minipublication in co-authorship and under the same title (Theatre of Thought, in Bulgarian).

In case our experimental work on these topics might seem interesting to you, please, feel free to get in contact with us at the e-mail address or

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