We dressed-up in a special manner the cult book of Gilles Deleuze and Felix Gatari in Bulgarian

In collaboration with Yana Levieva, the leading book-design in Bulgaria, we have been experimenting since 2009 with the form in which our editions reach the audience.

One of our bravest experiments was the publication of One Thousand Plateaus by Gilled Deleuze and felix Guattari (published in 2009). The book was published in a white cover with no signes on it. A set of stams showing the usual book items (name of the authors, title, subtitle, etc.) were produced, and another set of inks in different colours were supplied to every reader wishing to buy the book – she/he would have to stamp her/his own cover in an unique way.

More about the motives of such an experiment conceived by the translator Antoaneta Koleva could be read in her publication in the revue Trahir, mai 2011, a periodical of the faculty of Semiotics, University of Montreal:



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