Bulgarian Society of Publishers in Humanities

At the end of 2006 Antoaneta Koleva, director of the publishing house, together with Malina Tomova (1950-2011), director of Stigmati Publishing House, initiated discussions with colleagues publishers of books in humanities and exquisite elite fiction, incl. two reviews and a literary newspaper. The idea was to establish a type of organization aiming at helping the independent high quality publishing work and world locally.

As a result, in February 2007 Bulgarian Society of Publishers in Humanities was established (BSPH). At the beginning its members included: КХ – Critique and Humanism Publishing House, Stigmati Publishing House, Sonm Publishers, Agata-A Publishing Group, Paradigma Publishers, Kama Publishers, Critique and Humanism Journal (a periodical of the Foundation for Human and Social Studies, with two issues annually), Sociological Problems (a publication of the Institute for Studies of the Societies and Knowledge, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, with two to three issues annually), Literary Newspaper (a weekly periodical of the Foundation Literary Newspaper).

BSPH is a non-profit organization stating at its establishing that it would be aiming at designing joint strategies for promotion of the publishing products of its members (books, reviews, newspaper), and for supporting the efforts of small, independent, high quality Bulgarian publishers to professionally co-operate at European level and to implement the best publishing practices, incl. the ones of interacting between the publishers themselves.

BSPH conceived and implemented a number of successful joint projects, incl. a couple of them supported by the Fund for Central and East European Book Projects (The Netherlands), Open Society Institute Sofia, etc.

During the years BSPH has diminished the number of its members and lately has not implemented some substantial initiatives mainly because of the lack of funds.

If you are interested in this experiment of ours, please, feel free to write to our e-mails: kx@kx-publishing.org or kx@bsph.org.

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