The Experiment KX ART – Episode One

We have created our own podcast – KX TALKS – in a dual form, i.e. video (Youtube) and audio (Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts) version.

We have also created the KX VIDEO series where we keep processed videos of public events we organize.

But amidst this relatively “classical” approaches to audiences and to the content related to our books, we have also sought a more unconventional, provocative, not to say even shocking form of connection with our readers. We came, with the help of professional actors and a professional director and cinematographer to the KX ART series.

KX ART was conceived as a series of experimental works combining high humanities texts with everyday gestures and acts running alongside them, in miniaturized cinematic time. The relationship between the two “scenes” that each episode of KX ART brings to the screen is along the lines of analogy or challenging absurdity.

The first episode is titled “Concealment and Unconcealment“, and is based on texts by Giorgio Agamben from his book The Idea of Prose.

You can watch the episode on youtube:


Velislav Pavlov and Juliana Saiska are the professional actors in the video.

Velislav Pavlov reads Agamben


Lu;iana Saiska is “playing Agamben”


The idea for the KX ART series was Antoaneta Koleva’s, but the final concept was hers and Nikolay Kolev’s, a cultural journalist and producer at Bulgarian National Television, philosopher and lecturer at New Bulgarian University.

The video production is a work by Nikola Gulmezov.

* * *

The experimental series KX ART is part of a larger project of ours, which is being implemented with the financial support of the National Culture Fund under their One Year Grant 2022 program.

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