• Authors: Tzveta Sofronieva
  • The Red Cross of the Stage

    (Drama and Essays)

    This book collects drama and theatre essays by Tzveta Sofronieva – texts created between 1988 and 2024.

    The collection introduces typical topics of Sofronieva’s work through concepts such as ‘anthroposcene’, ‘cloning’, and ‘literary multiverse’.

    The book also presents Sofronieva’s collaboration with the independent theatre scene in Bulgaria: i.e. Emergency Theatre.

    The Red Cross of the Stage looks at the possibilities of culture to be “a sort of Emergency in a time of changing humanity’s relationship to itself”.

    This is a book for readers interested in writing in situations of global trauma and liminality.


    Tzveta Sofronieva is author of poetry, prose, dramaturgy, and essays in Bulgarian, English and German. She is a physicist and a PhD. Her works have been translated into 22 languages.


    The book contains photographs from theatre performances based on Tzveta Sofronieva’s work.

    The publication is partnered by the Emergency Theatre.


    This publication is supported by the National Fund Culture through the partner of the edition, the Emergency Theatre, under their project “Final Countdown / The Human during an Implosion”.

  • Series: Transversalia
  • Subject: Contemporary Literature, Drama, Essays, Theatre
  • Design: Martin Atanasov
  • Year: 2024
  • Pages: 320
  • Size: 14 / 20.5 cm
  • ISBN: 9789545872587
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