• Authors: Arjun Appadurai, Bruno Latour, César Rendueles, David Van Reybrouck, Donatella della Porta, Eva Illouz, Heinrich Geiselberger, Ivan Krastev, Nancy Fraser, Oliver Nachtwey, Pankaj Mishra, Paul Mason, Robert Misik, Slavoj Žižek, Wolfgang Streeck, Zygmunt Bauman
  • The Great Regression

    An International Debate About the Contemporary Situation

    This is the Bulgarian language translation of a collection originally published in German by Suhrkamp Verlag in April 2017 under the title: Die große Regression:Eine internationale Debatte über die geistige Situation der Zeit, edited by Heinrich Geiselberger.

    Some of the greatest social scientists and internationally recognized intellectuals explore the reasons for a Great Regression in mentalities nowadays, while also considering some possible scenarios for the coming years.

    The debate continues on

    The book is published in Bulgarian simultaneously with the original German language edition and with the edition in 12 other languages.

  • Series: EuropeS
  • Subject: Cultural Studies, Philosophy, Political Studies
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  • Edited by: Heinrich Geiselberger
  • Translated from: German, English, French, Spain
  • Translators: Teodora Karamelska, Tzveta Tzaneva, Assya Zaharieva, Antoaneta Koleva, Teodora Tzankova, Atanas Igov, Paula Anguelova
  • Design: Yana Levieva
  • Year: 2017
  • Pages: 312
  • Size: 20.5 / 14 cm
  • ISBN: 9789545872075
  • 10.00 8.50

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    Heinrich Geiselberger: Foreword 7

    Arjun Apadouray: The Fatigue of Democracy 17

    Sigmund Baumann: Symptoms in Search of One Object and One Name 35

    David van Reybrook: Dear President, Juncker 55

    Donatella della Porta: Progressive and regressive policies in late neoliberalism 73

    Slavoi Zizek: Populist Temptation 93

    Eva Illuz: From the Liberation Paradox to the Liberals’ Elimination 113

    Ivan Krastev: The Majority Prospects 137

    Bruno Latour: Europe – Asylum 155

    Paul Mason: Overcoming Fear of Freedom 169

    Robert Miszik: Courage to Be Bold

    Pancras Mishra: Politics in the Age of Enlightenment: The Dark Heritage of the Enlightenment 213

    Oliver Nachtwei: Decivilization. Regarding regressive trends in Western societies 233

    Cesar Rendoules: From the Global Reconciliation to Post-Capitalist Contradictions 251

    Nancy Fraser: Progressive Neoliberalism Against Reaction Populism: One Hobson’s Choice 269

    Wolfgang Srecke: The Return of the Printed Naneal Liberal Capitalism

    Author information 307