• Authors: Michel Foucault
  • Les Aveux de la chair / Confessions of the Flesh

    vol. 4 of History of Sexuality

    This is the Bulgarian language translation of the 4th volume of Michel Foucault’s History of Sexuality: Confessions of the Flesh (Les Aveux de la Chair) done by Antoinette (Antoaneta) Koleva, a many-year translator and scholar of Foucault’s ideas, author of texts on Foucault, editor of collections and special issues of academic reviews dedicated to Foucault.

  • Series: Varius
  • Subject: contemporary philosophy, Cultural Studies, French philosophy, History
  • Pages from the Book /
  • Foreword: Frederic Gros
  • Translated from: French
  • Translators: Antoinette Koleva
  • Design: Yana Levieva, Irina Djonkova
  • Year: 2023
  • Size: 14 / 20.5 cm
  • ISBN: 9789545872490
  • 18.00 15.00