• Authors: Dennis F. Thompson, George Agich, Gerald Dworkin, Harry G. Frankfurt, James D. Capozzi, Ronald Dworkin, Rebecca Dresser, Thomas A. Shannon, Rosamond Rhodes, Valentina Kaneva
  • Autonomy and Bioethics

    Essays, Part 1

    This is a collection of texts written by some of the most acclaimed names in today’s bioethical research. It is edited and prefaced by Assoc. Prof. at Sofia University Valentina Kaneva.

  • Series: Sociooptics
  • Subject: Bioethics, Biopolitics, Ethics
  • Edited by: Valentina Kaneva
  • Foreword: Valentina Kaneva
  • Translated from: English
  • Translators: Boriyana Katzarska, Valentina Kaneva, Konstantin Petrov, Ogniyan Kassabov, Silviya Borissova
  • Design: Yana Levieva
  • Year: 2011
  • Size: 14 / 20 cm
  • ISBN: 9789545871535
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