• Authors: Irina Djonkova
  • A Memory Remembered Me

    (A boutique edition illustrated by the author)

    A Memory Rememberеd Me is a boutique full-colour edition authored by a talented young designer. It incorporates alternative spatial forms into the book body and combines captivating classical and digital illustration techniques.

    The book was a brilliantly defended capstone project at the Bulgarian National Academy of Arts, written and illustrated by our book covers’ artist.

    The narrative unravels an unexpected aspect of human memory through a great stupefying story: the everyday life of an anthropomorphic Memory, living in their own unique time and space, is disrupted by a special invitation – the owner of the Memory invites them for tea, while the Memory has forgotten whom it belongs to, and thus a quest for identity ensues.

    The book uses colour as an emotional metaphor for memory. Each moment of the narrative is presented in a different colour scheme, and the overall feeling is one of mystery but also introspection.

    The book is intended for all ages – it is designed to resonate with both the curiosity of children and the contemplative nature of adults.

  • Design: Irina Djonkova
  • Year: 2023
  • Pages: 34
  • Size: 26.5 / 41 cm
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